Falko Regional Aircraft Limited (Falko), the world’s largest asset manager and aircraft lessor focused solely on the regional aircraft sector, has provided a summary of its Q4 and full year 2022 market activity.

In Q4 2022, Falko delivered two aircraft on lease and extended the leases on a further five aircraft.  LOIs were signed relating to the lease of one aircraft and the extension of a further six aircraft on lease. On the aircraft trading side, six aircraft were sold from the portfolio and an LOI signed for the sale of a further aircraft.  On the acquisition side, LOIs were signed relating to five aircraft.  In total, Falko was involved in transactions relating to twenty-six aircraft during the quarter.

Q4 activity was again focused on the regional jet sector representing eighteen of the twenty-six aircraft referenced above.  Deals covered both the CRJ and EJet products.

During the whole of 2022, Falko’s overall activity included the addition of forty-five aircraft, the sale of twenty-two aircraft and new leases or extensions relating to twenty-two aircraft.  In addition, LOIs were signed relating to a further twenty aircraft, and ten aircraft were delivered to customers pursuant to deals signed in prior periods. This resulted in total activity for 2022 relating to one hundred and nineteen aircraft during the year.

As at 31 December 2022, Falko and its affiliates’ portfolio totaled 260 aircraft on lease to 44 customers worldwide.

Commenting on the activity in 2022, Mark Hughes Falko’s Chief Commercial officer stated:

“We have seen another year of record activity levels at Falko in 2022 coming on the back of the acquisition by Chorus which has created the world’s largest asset manager and aircraft lessor focused solely on the regional sector.  Our total portfolio has doubled from 131 aircraft at the end of 2021 to 260 aircraft at the end of 2022.  Consequently, we’ve seen transaction volumes also reach record levels.  I’m delighted that the underlying resilience in domestic air travel and the regional sector that emerged in 2021 has been carried through into 2022.

We have seen strong demand for both jet and turboprop products throughout 2022, and we are encouraged by current demand from airlines worldwide.

I am also very pleased to welcome a number of new airline customers into our portfolio in 2022.  The addition of new customers such as LOT and Loganair as well as the delivery of additional aircraft to SAS, Air France and Airlink shows how important regional aircraft are to operators worldwide.”