ENDICOTT, New York - FADEC Alliance, a joint venture between GE
Aviation and FADEC International, has signed a 25-year agreement with
Lufthansa Technik to provide Full Authority Digital Engine Controls
(FADEC) availability services for LEAP engines globally. Lufthansa
Technik and FADEC Alliance will use the engine controls for support
agreements, loans and exchanges across their global airline customer
bases to bring a full selection of asset management services to the
commercial transport industry.

The agreement covers asset management, logistics and maintenance,
repair, and overhaul (MRO) support. Lufthansa Technik will manage a
global pool of line replaceable units (LRU) in order to provide
availability to both Lufthansa Technik and FADEC Alliance airline
customers. Lufthansa Technik will establish a certified repair
station in Hamburg, Germany for the LEAP FADEC. FADEC Alliance will
provide technical support from the FADEC Alliance MRO network located
in Massy, France and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

"Lufthansa Technik is a world leader in asset logistics and MRO
services to airlines," said Steven McCullough, chief executive
officer of FADEC Alliance. "The company's global footprint provides
superior customer support, while FADEC Alliance's strategic technical
expertise in LEAP engine controls makes this contract a win-win for
airlines across the world."

"The exceptional FADEC Alliance products are crucial for operators
and timely availability of spare parts is of utmost importance," said
Burkhard Pfefferle-Tolkiehn, vice president Asia Pacific &
Fulfillment, Component Services at Lufthansa Technik. "We are proud
to collaborate with FADEC Alliance on MRO and asset management. We
will jointly keep our customers flying."

LEAP engines equipped with FADEC Systems are used on Boeing 737 MAX,
Airbus A320neo and COMAC family 919 aircraft. The FADEC - consisting
of digital computers, called engine control units, and a pressure
sub-system - controls all aspects of aircraft engine performance,
such as engine fuel flow and variable engine geometries. Both parties
will use the pool to support their customers for loans and exchanges
of LEAP FADECs, to provide high availability and high performance
asset services, and to maximize efficiency for airlines.

The LEAP engine is a high-bypass turbofan produced by CFM
International, a 50-50 joint venture company between GE and Safran
Aircraft Engines.

FADEC Alliance is a joint venture formed by GE Aviation and FADEC
International in 2012.