FACC has concluded an agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada, a Canadian engine manufacturer, to supply fan cases for the Pure Power® engine family.

"The technological requirements in the jet engine sector are extremely sophisticated. The contract demonstrates that FACC is expanding its position further thanks to its technological leadership in engine systems”, emphasized Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.

The fan cases, which FACC will manufacture in hybrid metal/composite construction, will be used on various business jets. FACC is already supplying Pratt & Whitney Canada with a variety of components for a broad portfolio of engine families.

FACC has many years of experience in manufacturing engine components, and thus offers a technically mature manufacturing solution. “The detail development of such components and the associated high component requirements were optimally solved by our engineering team. This enables us to offer our customers a weight- and performance-optimized high-tech product," said Günter Nelböck, Vice President Engines & Nacelle of FACC. Specialized manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art automation and process optimization in combination with a global supply chain generate essential cost-efficient benefits. The FACC component represents a major contribution to flight safety, while the fan case is notable for its reduced weight as a result of its innovative construction.

New Product Segment with New Key Technologies
With the manufacture of fan cases FACC has advanced into a new product and market segment. “We are constantly searching for new solutions to make aircraft engines even better, stronger, safer and lighter. This is a central prerequisite for being able to permanently sustain our position as a leading technology partner for airplane structures amid worldwide competition, and actively help shape future mobility,” explained Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.