Airbus A350 operators in the Asia Pacific region will benefit from
quicker support of Honeywell components, contributing to less
downtime and greater aircraft availability

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Lufthansa Technik AG will heighten their
collaboration on Airbus A350 maintenance, repair and overhaul
services in the Asia Pacific region. Lufthansa Technik will act as a
licensed component repair center and exclusive global asset service
provider in Asia Pacific for more than 200 Honeywell shipped
components onboard the Airbus A350.

Greater accessibility to services, parts and best-in-class
engineering support will help A350 operators in the region maximize
operation of their aircraft through improved fleet availability and

"Maintenance is a costly and complex process, but we see our work
with Honeywell as an opportunity to help A350 operators in Asia
Pacific simplify their maintenance experience," said Gerald
Steinhoff, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, Asia Pacific,
Lufthansa Technik. "Honeywell provides top-of-line technologies that
are crucial to the A350. By integrating our world-class asset
management and in-region repair centers, we can provide operators in
Asia Pacific with better access to support all of Honeywell's key
components on the A350. Over the next one and a half years we will
significantly expand our local capacities in this area."

Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik have been working together to provide
A350 operators with maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services
since the aircraft first entered service in late 2014. Through this
strengthened partnership, A350 operators in Asia Pacific will receive
quicker access to Lufthansa Technik's in-house services, including
single-component MRO or more integrated flight-hour based
"nose-to-tail" asset availability solutions.

Increased quantities of A350 components for exchange or rental will
be readily available, thanks to Lufthansa Technik's global logistics
network. Operators can also be assured of a holistic approach to
their MRO needs through Honeywell embedded support at Lufthansa
Technik, and integrated engineering and customer support teams to
ensure key product and repair performance requirements are met.

"The Airbus A350 is in service with many airlines across the Asia
Pacific region. As an aircraft that is so widely depended upon,
airline operators feel a mounting pressure to do everything they can
to keep their A350s performing at optimally," said Sathesh Ramiah,
Senior Director, Asia Pacific, Commercial Aviation, Honeywell
Aerospace. "By increasing the number of serviceable components and
using our Connected Aircraft technologies, we are confident that
customers will have hands-on access to support all their
Honeywell-related maintenance needs."

Lufthansa Technik has four years of operational experience with more
than 2,000 repairs completed across the entire fleet of A350s in
operation. It currently provides direct service for more than 12
in-service A350 fleets, including seven operators in Asia Pacific
under exclusive contract, representing more than 200 aircraft in
service or on order.

This extended agreement reinforces Honeywell's relationship with
Lufthansa Technik as a Honeywell-licensed repair facility for
mechanical parts, avionic components and hydro-mechanical units.
Together, both companies can help reduce aircraft downtime, providing
faster turnarounds for getting aircraft back in service for operators
in Asia Pacific.