ICF is excited to announce that the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) recently selected our aircraft management team as one of four contractors to provide aircraft and operator on-site inspections worldwide. Under the new five-year agreement, we’ll conduct scheduled and unscheduled aircraft inspection services and provide recommendations to the bank and its borrowers to help limit EXIM’s exposure to conditions that could affect the value of its portfolio.

EXIM offers financing support to foreign purchasers of new and used U.S.-manufactured commercial and general aviation products. The bank currently has security on a portfolio of over 1,000 assets including commercial aircraft, business jets, engines and helicopters, dispersed in over 50 countries worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to expand our ongoing relationship with EXIM and bring our technical experience and capability to this project,” said Stuart Rubin, vice president and aircraft practice. “We’re committed to supporting EXIM and helping protect the interests and investments of taxpayers.”

ICF is the largest aircraft management advisor to the financial community, providing guidance to banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals, receivers and other investors. In just the past decade, we’ve managed over $1 billion in aviation assets.

To helps clients make more informed decisions about their portfolios, we recently launched Truebook™, a next-gen aircraft appraisal platform that uses proprietary appraisal methodologies to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments.