TAIPEI, TAIWAN (July 6, 2019) -- EVA Air and the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union (TFAU) reached a consensus and agreed to end the strike on July 6, 2019. EVA offered deep apologies to its passengers and the general public for the turmoil and disruptions caused by the labor action TFAU began on June 20, 2019.

Passengers always EVA priority

Throughout the strike, EVA did its best to keep passengers as its priority. The airline urged TFAU to share the same concern and not to rush into a strike. After TFAU launched the strike without prior notice, EVA made every effort to maintain operations and minimize impact on passengers. It is passenger trust and support that have enabled the airline to stand out among fierce competition and repeatedly win awards and recognition from organizations around the world. Passenger patience and understanding have been especially critical to the airline’s ability to address the service disruptions caused by the strike.

Now that the strike has ended, EVA will resume scheduled flights gradually through the end of July. Depending on the number of flight attendants who are able to work and passengers’ travel demands, EVA will make further adjustments to operations in August.

Government urged to address external trade union issues

TFAU, an external trade union under the Taoyuan Confederation of Trade Unions (TYCTU), launched the strike without providing prior notice. The disruption affected approximately 300,000 passengers. Although the strike has ended, EVA continues to urge government action on two concerns:

  1. EVA shares views expressed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in a recent proposal that would require advance strike notice in the airline industry. The airline is hopeful that appropriate authorities and the Legislative Yuan can adopt the advance strike notice regulation as soon as possible to help safeguard passenger interests.

  2. Over the past three years, external trade unions have launched three labor actions against airlines in Taiwan. Each of these strikes has caused widespread disruptions for thousands of passengers and the general public. EVA urges the government to amend laws so that such incidents can be prevented from happening again and to protect the local economy.

Appreciation for loyal, hard-working employees

EVA has offered its appreciation to air and ground staff who worked around the clock in shifts during the strike to assist thousands of passengers. Even in the face of an extremely heavy workload, staff remained dedicated to providing passenger services. Retired EVA employees and staff’s family members also offered assistance. These dedicated employees and teamwork enabled EVA to weather the strike.

Thanks to cabin crew who returned to work

EVA also expressed special thanks to cabin crew members who initially joined in the strike but came back to work before the labor action ended, demonstrating passion for the airline industry. EVA is counting on these flight attendants and others to help restore passengers’ trust.

Gratitude for public support

In addition, EVA offered gratitude to the public for their support and understanding. And the carrier thanks its partners in the airline industry and travel trade profession for helping arrange alternative flights and get passengers on to their destinations.

This strike has cost EVA a significant loss. With encouragement and support from the public and airline and travel industries, EVA is working to recover as quickly as possible, resume its full schedule of services and restore its reputation.