euroAtlantic airways (EAA) owned by its founder and current President | Chairman of the Board, Tomaz Metello, is again looking for new opportunities in the ACMI business (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) in the Brazilian market, other South American countries, and in the Caribbean area with a roadshow of the Business Development area, which is taking place in the South Atlantic. euroAtlantic, which is owned exclusively by Metello’s family capitals, has always presented positive results over its twenty-six (26) years of activity. The recent regulations of the Brazilian government, which have been expanding the freedoms for “open skies” agreements in the international market, encouraged businessman Tomaz Metello to reactivate contacts with partners in Brazil and, from the Portuguese-speaking country in the southern hemisphere, to advance to other economies in the South American continent, where the aviation industry is growing, such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, as well as extending an arm to the Caribbean region.

Following these goals, Eugénio Fernandes, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of euroAtlantic airways, will visit Brazil on the occasion of the International Tourism Exhibition, the 47th ABAV of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies in São Paulo, between the 25th and 27th of September, combining the interests of the aviation area with those of the Tour Operator Sonhando, the leading exporter of Portuguese tourists to Cubaalso owned by the Chairman of EAA, Tomaz Metello. It should be remembered for future memory, that the Portuguese private company started its activity in Brazil (20 September 2000) on the occasion of the “Celebration of the 200 Years of the Finding of Brazil”, a time when the first tourist flight (intercontinental charter) between the two countries took place.

In the historical relationship between euroAtlantic airways and Brazil, besides having a common language, there is an episode that could have changed the historical course of the Brazilian commercial aviation, had the Portuguese government at the time not asked businessman Tomaz Metello to withdraw from the race for the Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense, VARIG, in order to pave the way for TAP Air Portugal for the symbol of the Brazilian aviation. Previously, in its relationship with the Brazilian industry, EAA had already cooperated with BRA Transportes Aéreos at the start of the low-fare, having developed a euroAtlantic - Varig Charterconsortium agreement with VARIG for the operation of scheduled and charter flights between Portugal and the Brazilian Northeast. The EAA’s equipment integrating the consortium, eventually went on to serve in GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes after it acquired VRG Linhas Aéreas, the owner of the Nova VARIG trademark, with Tomaz Metello having at some point three Boeing 767-300ER at the service of GOL for long haul flights.

Currently, euroAtlantic airways, in addition to providing additional capacity to other companies, holds a management position and is the largest shareholder of the company STP AIRWAYS of Sao Tome and Principe, linking the country to Europe through regular flights, and also connecting the two islands of the archipelago - Sao Tome, where the best chocolate in the World is produced, and the island of Principe, classified as a natural biosphere reserve (2012). EAA also has regular flights to Guinea-Bissau, the starting point for one of the best kept secrets in the world of tourism, also listed by UNESCO (1996) as a world biosphere reserve.