ETF Airways is proud to announce its active participation in two projects with the objective of establishing a permanent presence of our brand in the French overseas and, with time, adding more workplaces for their residents and creating big value for the local community.

Two sister airlines have been established, Fly–Li to be based in Reunion (RUN) and Fly-Wi in Martinique (FDF). Each company is planned to initially operate one B737-800 each and the first flights are scheduled to take off in Q4-22.

We are already in talks on fleet expansion for both of our sister airlines and the option to add two more B737-800 in late 2023 is being discussed.

Together with the local investors, we have chosen Mr Samuel VIVARES, with over 10 years of experience as Regional Director for Corsair in the West Indies, to represent both companies together with ETF Airways CEO Mr Stjepan Bedic.

ETF Airways intends to fly scheduled routes in the Caribbean but will continue to offer its ACMI & charter expertise worldwide.