Threat to regional air connectivity recedes following ERA meeting with the European Commission

ERA’s Director General Montserrat Barriga and ERA’s President Andrew Kelly met with Henrik Hololei, the European Commission Director-General for Mobility and Transport, on Wednesday 13 June to discuss the implementation of ADS-B.

ERA seeks a prioritised and stepped implementation based on ANSP, airspace user and airport needs, challenges and capabilities rather than a blanket approach creating inefficiencies, disruptions and unnecessary cost impacts for ERA airline members and their passengers.

ERA supports implementation of ADS-B, where there is a clear operational, business or safety benefit or improved customer value.

ERA’s President Andrew Kelly commented after the meeting: “ERA airlines provide the regional passenger and cargo connectivity that contributes to the socio-economic lifeblood for Europe. ADS-B requires a significant investment for our member airlines and while we agree that it is necessary, we are heartened by Henrik Hololei's view that there should not be a disproportionate or unnecessary burden on airlines that would in turn impact passengers, business and local economies,” Kelly continued.

An exemption plan, perhaps time-limited, is required to ensure that regional connectivity is not hampered, and ERA welcomes Henrik Hololei's support for this proposal that the issues suggesting exemptions are taken fully into account. Exemptions will enable some aircraft, too technically difficult or disproportionately expensive to retrofit, to continue operating in European airspace where there are no identifiable safety benefits before such aircraft are retired or otherwise withdrawn from service.