Enter Air, Poland’s largest charter airline, has founded Enter Air Services, a company providing aircraft technical maintenance services for the carrier’s fleet. The launch of such services within the Group will generate significant savings without compromising the top quality of Enter Air’s fleet.

“The provision of technical maintenance services is among the most significant components of any airline’s business and it is one of the most expensive such components. Having the Group’s own technical maintenance service provider will enable us to generate additional value for shareholders, leaving a large chunk of revenue and margin within the Enter Air Group,” says Grzegorz Polaniecki, Management Board Member and CEO of Enter Air. “We have built a technical maintenance team from scratch in roughly 9 months. We have hired the best aviation mechanics available on the market with experience acquired in recognized foreign technical maintenance service organizations. We have attracted them back to Poland where they will have stable and well-paid jobs,” - Polaniecki adds.

Enter Air Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enter Air. Initially, the company’s technical maintenance services will be provided to Enter Air in all of the carrier’s operating bases in Poland. Ultimately, the company will provide its services also in Enter Air’s foreign bases.

Enter Air expects to generate savings thanks to synergies caused by having a technical maintenance service organization within the Group. The carrier’s aircraft will be taken care of by a reliable technical maintenance team in a manner that will enable the Group to minimize risks arising from changes in rates or terms of contracts entered into with third party providers of such services.