Enter Air, Poland’s largest private airline, has collected the first of six ordered Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The aircraft will be available for operation for Polish and Foreign Tour Operators from December 2018. Thanks to improved aerodynamics, modern engines, higher reliability and longer range, the aircraft will offer much better performance than the fleet used by Enter Air’s competitors.

– The addition of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft opens a new chapter in our history. These top of the class aircraft will give our passengers an even higher level of comfort. This is a natural stage in the development of our company. We started with the older generation aircraft version B737-400, which we then replaced with new generation version B737-800, and now we are starting a new stage of development of our fleet based on the latest generation B737 MAX 8. On the business side, our operational efficiency will improve, which should translate into better results and increase in the company’s value – says Grzegorz Polaniecki, Enter Air’s Management Board Member. – The new aircraft will be operated mainly in the Polish market, but we also get enquiries about transport using the MAX aircraft from Tour Operators from all over Europe, so we will be able to use the new aircraft to enter new markets. If the machines prove their capabilities, we will consider purchase of further Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircfraft – he adds.

The SP-EXA aircraft is the first of six aircraft of this type ordered by Enter Air. The next MAX 8 will be collected by the Carrier within the next few weeks and the remaining four will join the fleet in the years to come. The first two new aircraft are financed in the form of a financial lease by DVB, one of the world’s biggest banks financing the aviation industry. The total financing amount for the first two aircrafts is PLN 374 million.

– Boeing 737 MAX 8 uses all the tested solutions from earlier Boeing 737 versions. The engineers of the American manufacturer have equipped the airplane with new, efficient engines, improved the aerodynamics, and used lighter and more durable components. The changes have improved the aircraft’s reliability and reduced the costs of technical service. Thanks to the lower servicing requirements the new aircraft will spend more time in the air – says Mariusz Olechno, Enter Air’s Management Board Member and Technical Director.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft will be operated by pilots and cabin crews that currently fly Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

At the end of November, another Boeing 737-800 was added to the Enter Air’s fleet for use over a 5-year period under an operating lease.