2017 became a milestone year for Russia's ENGINEERING Holding in many ways, including the volume of works completed throughout the year, new types of aircraft and equipment added to its maintenance portfolio, and entrance to new markets.

2017 marked the first time when the holding's subsidiaries – S 7 ENGINEERING and Sibir Technic – reported having exceeded 2 million man-hours. Staff at their maintenance facilities at Domodedovo, Mineralnye Vody and Tolmachevo airports completed cumulatively 67 C-checks and 26 D-checks, whereas the paint shop at Mineralnye Vody redelivered to operators 22 freshly painted aircraft.

An outstanding news in the eventful year was launch of maintenance services for two aircraft types, new to the Russian market – Embraer E170 and Airbus A320neo.

At its Mineralnye Vody base the ENGINEERING Holding successfully carried out complex technical projects with the world's leading leasing companies, GECAS and SMBC Aviation Capital.

Another "first" was Sibir Technic's successfully completed contract for heavy maintenance on Turkmenistan Airlines'Boeing 757-200. In the meanwhile sister company S 7 ENGINEERING helped a Russian start-up airline Azimuth with setting up a line maintenance station for its fleet of SSJ 100 regional jets at the carrier's base Rostov-on-Don Airport (RVI).

Throughout the year ENGINEERING Holding had been increasing its presence on the SSJ100 maintenance market. S7 ENGINEERING won tenders from Gazprom Avia and Aviation Rescue Company of Russia's Emercom. It was also selected as service provider for the new-generation Russian narrowbody MC-21.

Last year ENGINEERING Holding also continued to develop its international partnerships. In the second half of the year, S7 Engineering's Domodedovo facility added new items to the list of aircraft components it services with support of Zodiac Aerospace Services. The list of Zodiac Aerospace products, which can now be serviced in Russia with S 7 ENGINEERING's capacities now also includes emergency and oxygen equipment.

Things are gained momentum at ENGINEERING Holding's line stations in Irkutsk and Vladivostok as well. Last year a number of Asia-based companies involved in the Chinese HNA Group resorted to services of the Russian MRO provider in these locations.

"These are only the brightest events, the highlights of the ENGINEERING Holding's life in 2017. To cater for the growing demand for our services, our staff have been continuously working on thoroughly improving all sorts of technological processes and developing their own competences. Although this may not be so obvious looking from the outside, but it undoubtfully contributed to the company's success," Igor Panshin, ENGINEERING Holding's deputy general director for planning and sales, comments. "In 2018 we continue to work on streamlining our business processes, introducing new customer-centered instruments and so on. We are aiming at gradual but consistent growth and we'll start looking at expanding our geographical presence."

ENGINEERING Holding's 2018 plans include launch of dedicated engine maintenance, aircraft seat and cabin equipment service facilities at Mineralnye Vody base, further increasing its presence on the SSJ100 maintenance market, advancing its projects with leasing companies, completing ISO9110 certification and far beyond that.

ENGINEERING Holding’s facilities are certified by EASA, Bermuda DCA, the Russian Aviation Authority, and a number of other national authorities to carry out maintenance for different types of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft airliners. The company’s scope of work includes heavy maintenance (up to and including D-Checks), engine hospital repairs, line maintenance, structural repairs, engineering services (including modification under EASA Part 21J and interior components manufacture under EASA Part 21 G), component repairs, aircraft painting services, and training services (under EASA Part 147). The company aims for ongoing improvement of its products, partially supported by joint projects with OEMs. The company delivers its services to Russian airlines (S7 Group, Aeroflot Group, UTair, Ural Airlines) and to carriers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, providing its clients with over 100 heavy maintenance forms and over 1000 light maintenance forms per year.

For more information about ENGINEERING and its services, please visit: www.engineering-ru.com