ENGINEERING, the Russian aircraft maintenance holding, will for the first time participate in the 3rd Annual Aircraft Remarketing & Trading Management Forum by invitation of the organizers. The event will be held on September 7 and 8 in Beijing, the capital city of China.

Igor Panshin, ENGINEERING’s deputy general director for planning an sales, will deliver a presentation within a panel discussion on the current state of aviation markets in India, Russia and Vietnam.
Mr. Panshin will present the opportunities that Russian aviation market holds, in general and in the commercial aircraft maintenance sector in particular. He will also discuss the specifics of doing business in the region.

Some of the issues the forum’s organizers asked ENGINEERING to highlight is the Russian market’s growth perspectives and opportunities for Chinese leasing companies, risks associated with aircraft redelivery and management of aircraft as assets, as well as specific aspects of operating in Russia.

“The forum’s organizers sked us to tell representatives of Chinese aviation leasing organizations about the specifics of leasing aircraft to Russian airlines, the local legislation, aviation regulations, international standards that apply, customs restrictions, practices of managing aircraft as assets, about maintaining continued airworthiness within the country, about the so called “redelivery checks” and so on,” Igor Panshin comments.

The organizers trust that ENGINEERING’s views will be of interest to the audience, because our experts have accumulated certain experience in completing aircraft redelivery projects, including conducting redelivery checks, particularly at the Holding’s subsidiary S7 ENGINEERING’s base at Mineralnye Vody (IATA: MRV) airport.

“Large international companies, including Chinese ones, have completed several such projects with us quite successfully, and continue to do so. We are interested in developing business associated with aircraft redelivery and even managing leased aircraft in Russia. The number of leasing companies dependent on Chinese banks in one way or another is growing. So our participation in this Beijing forum will also be useful in practical terms. It is another opportunity to meet with the representatives of Chinese leasing companies and showcase once again the benefits of working with Russian partners, associated with lower costs, process optimization, world-class technical support and other advantages,” Mr. Panshin noted.

More details on the 3rd Annual Aircraft Remarketing & Trading Management Forum are available on the official website .