On September 22, 2017 Special Design Turbochargers Bureau (known by its Russian Acronym SKBT), Penza-based subsidiary of the ENGINEERING Holding is celebrating its 55th anniversary. SKBT has plans to master production of turbochargers for foreign-built railway trains and start into aviation technology.

The history of SKBT dates back to 1962, when the government of then Soviet Russia issued an order to organize an independent enterprise at the premises of Penza Diesel Plant and its turbocharger design bureau. As of today the staff of SKBT has developed and can produce over a hundred modifications of turbochargers. The most mass-produced and popular products of the Penza bureau are turbochargers for engines of diesel locomotives.

A new era in the SKBT’s history began a year and a half ago, when the ENGINEERING Holding made the decision to invest into the unique enterprise, which at the time was not in its best financial shape. In April 2016 SKBT Ltd was founded.

At the time when SKBT became part of the ENGINEERING Holding it did not have the opportunity to fully unleash its production potential for financial and legislative restrictions. At the first stage SKBT’s primary task was to restore direct connections with its main customers and to sign direct agreements, then bring the production back to stability and to increase the sales volumes. The first positive results have been accomplished – the volume of production and sales this year is twice the level of 2016.

Besides satisfying the needs of its existing clients, SKBT was tasked with an ambitious goal – to master production of equipment demanded by foreign companies in machinery and aviation segments.

“Right now the ENGINEERING Holding team is working on a massive project, which we view as a significant chance to enter the global high- tech industry. We are currently conducting a round of consultations with one of the leaders in the world’s mechanical engineering. The positive decision on the Holding’s role in the project, which we made after these consultations, means large financial investments into new equipment, as well as a radical change in the infrastructure and production capacities of SKBT for making them compliant with the requirements of a global producers. So we are talking about very impressive investments into business development,” ENGINEERING’s business development director Alexander Filippov comments.

According to these plans, ENGINEERING will invest significant amounts into modernization of SKBT within the next few years.

“Development of SKBT under the wing of the ENGINEERING Holding is definitely a step forward, and cooperation with large international manufacturers is a real growth opportunity in terms of our company’s technological competences. Ahead of us is aviation business with a totally different production culture. Our staff is ready to conquer new heights. The staff at SKBT, which has been demonstrating only the positive sides in its 55-year history, is ready for new challenges,” SKBT Ltd’s general director Victor Kireyev says.

The ENGINEERING Holding congratulates SKBT staff on the 55th anniversary, and wishes new accomplishments and well-being. The best is just starting.

To learn more about SKBT and its activities please visit its official site www.skbt.ru.