Sibir Technic (Novosibirsk-based subsidiary of the Engineering Holding) has redelivered a Boeing 757 to its operator, Turkmenistan Airlines after completing heavy maintenance. The national carrier of Turkmenistan became a new customer for ENGINEERING Holding’s.

Since all aircraft operated by Turkmenistan Airlines are registered in the country’s national aircraft register, prior to approving the contract Turkmenistan’s National Department of Civil Aviation conducted an audit of the ENGINEERING Holding’s maintenances facilities in Moscow and Novosibirsk, and acknowledged their full compliance with international quality requirements.

As the outcome of the audit both S7 ENGINEERING and Sibir Technic were granted Turkmenistan authorities’ approvals based on their European EASA Part 145 certificates.

ENGINEERING Holding won the order for Turkmenistan Airlines’ aircraft maintenance in a tender, which attracted the leading MRO providers in the region. “We value the trust that Turkmenistan’s national carrier showed to our organization, which offered optimal combination of price, time and quality of services,” Stanislav Mitin, ENGINEERING’s senior sales manager commented.

Under contract with Turkmenistan Airlines Sibir Technic carried out a labor-heavy S4C-check, a large number of Airworthiness Directives and a several works requested by the operator.

“Turkmenistan Airlines has high requirements when it comes to the condition of their aircraft cabins. So the package included checks and defect rectification through the entire cabin, including inspections of galleys, lavatories, seats and their covers, side panels and so on,” Mitin explained. “Turkmenistan Airlines also ordered a large number of structural checks, after which Sibir Technic engineers made a conclusion of a good technical condition of the aircraft, which is a proof of regular maintenance in compliance with all regulations.”

Turkmenistan Airlines praised the results of the maintenance done on its aircraft by the ENGINEERING Holding.

Notably, both S7 Engineering and Sibir Technic have accumulated extensive experience with customers from the Asian region. ENGINEERING Holding’s subsidiaries are continuously expanding its portfolio with orders from operators in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and other countries.

ENGINEERING Holding’s facilities are certified by EASA, Bermuda DCA, the Russian Aviation Authority, and a number of other national authorities to carry out maintenance for different types of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft airliners. The company’s scope of work includes heavy maintenance (up to and including D-Checks), engine hospital repairs, line maintenance, structural repairs, engineering services (including modification under EASA Part 21J and interior components manufacture under EASA Part 21 G), component repairs, aircraft painting services, and training services (under EASA Part 147). The company aims for ongoing improvement of its products, partially supported by joint projects with OEMs. The company delivers its services to Russian airlines (S7 Group, Aeroflot Group, UTair, Ural Airlines) and to carriers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, providing its clients with over 100 heavy maintenance forms and over 1000 light maintenance forms per year.

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