Russia’s ENGINEERING Holding has commenced maintenance of evacuation and oxygen equipment produced by Zodiac Aerospace group, at its premises at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

S7 ENGINEERING (subsidiary of ENGINEERING Holding) and Zodiac Aerospace Services, which provides aftersales support for all components produced by Zodiac Aerospace group, have signed an extension to their agreement that previously included only aircraft toilets.

The new milestone of cooperation between ENGINEERING Holding and Zodiac Aerospace has changed the operations of evacuation and oxygen equipment unit, which was launched at S7 Engineering’s Moscow base in 2008.

The expansion of cooperation with Zodiac Aerospace Services has allowed the Russian partner to add a significant number of items and components of rescue and oxygen equipment, which can be serviced at this facility.

“In terms of aircraft types, S7 Engineering has been enabled to maintain evacuation slides, oxygen bottles and floats installed on virtually any type of aircraft currently operated by airlines in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as those international carriers, which operate flights to Domodedovo. This list ranges from Tupolev 204 and SSJ100 to Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, provided, of course, that these components were produced by Zodiac Aerospace group. It speaks for itself, that the list of such items is five pages long,” Alexander Filippov, ENGINEERING Holding’s business development director comments.

S7 Engineering already holds approvals for authorized maintenance of aircraft toilets produced by Zodiac Aerospace, under their EASA Part 145 certificate. Types of aircraft covered include Antonov 148/158, Boeing 737 CL/NG, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767/777, Airbus A320 and Airbus A380.

In regards to evacuation and oxygen equipment, S7 Engineering supported by Zodiac Aerospace Services is now ready to offer maintenance services for Beriev 200, SSJ100, Tupolev 204, ARJ 21, Airbus A320 / A350, Boeing 737 CL / NG and Boeing 747 / 757 / 767 / 777 / 787.

Not having to ship their Zodiac Aerospace produced components – toilets, evacuation and oxygen equipment – outside Russia for servicing enables the country’s carriers to receive quality authorized maintenance and repair at a price lower than that of European providers, while avoiding additional time and financial costs associated with logistics and customs clearance.

Aircraft operators will now receive the most advanced support from Zodiac Aerospace Services in the region at S7 Engineering’s facilities at Domodedovo airport, not only for their lavatory equipment, but also for rescue and emergency equipment.

The water supply and waste system repair facility and evacuation equipment and oxygen bottles facility undergo regular audits from Zodiac Aerospace Services, and S7 Engineering’s technical staff has access to all up-to-date technical documents and 24/7 support of Zodiac Aerospace group.

“Naturally, we are the first in the region to get information on all modifications and upgrades of conventional equipment, release of new models and versions and so on. In terms of S7 Engineering’s new capabilities for repairing evacuation equipment and oxygen equipment, they extend as far as services rendered by Zodiac Aerospace Services in Europe and the US,” Alexander Filippov continues. “Our philosophy is to make the widest range of component maintenance available to customers as close to them as possible. And it has proven its efficiency with the toilet repair facility, which was launched in 2016. This same philosophy lies in the core of the current agreement extension between S7 Engineering and Zodiac Aerospace Services.”

ENGINEERING Holding’s facilities are certified by EASA, Bermuda DCA, the Russian Aviation Authority, and a number of other national authorities to carry out maintenance for different types of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft airliners. The company’s scope of work includes heavy maintenance (up to and including D-Checks), engine hospital repairs, line maintenance, structural repairs, engineering services (including modification under EASA Part 21J and interior components manufacture under EASA Part 21 G), component repairs, aircraft painting services, and training services (under EASA Part 147). The company aims for ongoing improvement of its products, partially supported by joint projects with OEMs. The company delivers its services to Russian airlines (S7 Group, Aeroflot Group, UTair, Ural Airlines) and to carriers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, providing its clients with over 100 heavy maintenance forms and over 1000 light maintenance forms per year.

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