Paris, Amstelveen, February 23rd, 2022 – AFI KLM E&M is supporting Serene Air's operations by developing and implementing tailored maintenance solutions for several engines powering the Pakistani airline's A330s and Boeing 737s. The MRO performed Quick Turn interventions on three CFM56-7B engines, one of which was upgraded to a full shop visit after more significant defects were identified during the inspection. Subsequently, Serene Air requested AFI KLM E&M again to perform a Quick Turn on a CF6-80E1.

Valuable MRO/Airline experience

AFI KLM E&M was selected by Serene Air for these various operations, partly because its Airline-MRO profile is a guarantee of performance and reassurance for customers. As an operator and repairer of these types of engines, AFI KLM E&M has developed in-depth technical and operational expertise, and is familiar with the constraints associated with their operation. Serene Air was able to gauge the quality and level of service offered by the MRO on a test engine, during an intervention that greatly contributed to establishing a relationship of trust between the two groups.

Adaptiveness as a hallmark

Another key element in this series of collaborations is AFI KLM E&M's ability to adapt its solutions and workscopes to meet customer expectations. The Customer Support teams in the Engine Services department have established a permanent and transparent dialogue with Serene Air, not hesitating to go beyond the limits of the standard offer to achieve an optimal match between Serene Air's needs and the services provided on the engines. This adaptability even extends to the possibility of adjusting the production schedule without delay in order to make a slot available to accommodate a customer's engine, as was the case for Serene Air's CF6-80E1.

Sher Afgan, Serene Air's Technical Director, agrees that "the adaptive offered by AFI KLM E&M is very important for a young company like ours. The availability of the customer support teams, their advice, their technical support and their ability to adjust the maintenance solutions to our needs were greatly appreciated.

Pierre Teboul, SVP Commercial at AFI KLM E&M, added: "We are delighted that Serene Air has placed its trust in AFI KLM E&M and hope that these first collaborations will lead to others. They underline the extent to which our teams are mobilized at the customer's service, and capable of adjusting their commercial and technical proposals to meet all needs, for large established operators as well as for young companies operating in start-up mode such as Serene Air.