GE Aviation and Emirates are working together toward adoption of GE's electronic Flight Operations Quality Assurance (eFOQA) and Flight Pulse™ among the Emirates pilot community. The proposed project plans to start with Emirates fleet of B777 and A380 aircraft and Emirates pilots. Emirates and GE Aviation intend for FlightPulse and eFOQA to be implemented into Emirates operations in 2020.

"FlightPulse provides pilots with data and analytics to help them fly more efficiently and help reduce carbon emissions," said Andrew Coleman, chief commercial officer for GE Aviation. "By expanding upon the digital solutions already in use by Emirates, will enable them to get more benefit from a comprehensive use of flight analytics and services."

"We look forward to this partnership as Emirates' vast operational experience and expertise combined with GE Aviation's strong digital & analytics capability can produce amazing results for the industry. We are keen on having pilots review their performance and become more active in achieving best safety standards while optimizing operations," said Capt. Hassan Alhammadi, Divisional Senior Vice President of Flight Operations for Emirates. "Providing our passengers and crew with the safest and most comfortable flights is always our priority."

FlightPulse is a mobile app that uses aircraft data and smart analytics to enable pilots to access their own flying metrics and trends. FlightPulse can be used to optimize efficiency, reduce operational risk, and improve pilot awareness or any other positive outcome possible through advanced flight data analytics.

GE Aviation's eFOQA service uses flight data generated by the aircraft and its systems and applies proprietary data management and analytics technology to help Emirates better manage their fleet, providing previously unavailable insight into their operations.  

"We've continually invested in the use of data and technology to inform our operations and are keen to further enhance our safety and efficiency using the latest technologies. This tool from GE Aviation will equip us with a very visual application that will allow our pilots to tap into their own flight data on a per flight basis," added Capt. Brian Tyrrell, Senior Vice President, Fleet for Emirates.

GE's FOQA analytics service is an online solution for airline flight data monitoring/FOQA programs. eFOQA provides speed, accuracy and scalability to proactively manage risk in flight operations. The core offering provides data ingestion, processing analytics, and has options for expanded data sources, analytics editing, and data exporting/integration with systems. The connectivity suite allows deeper integration of the valuable flight data and analytics- previously available only to safety analysts - with other systems in the airlines operations, providing insights to a range of departments in the airline.