Amsterdam, October 18, 2023 - Embraer announced that it has signed a contract amendment with Marathon Airlines for the Pool Program to include additional two E195s. Now, seven E-Jets will receive support for a wide range of repairable components – three E175, one E190, and three E195. The Greek airline started the Pool Program contract last year, with its first E175, and has seen steady fleet growth since. Currently, Embraer’s Pool Program supports more than 60 airlines worldwide.

“The Embraer Pool Program has been essential for our E-Jets reliable operation, and we look forward to enhancing our partnership with Embraer”, said Andreas Kaiafas, CEO, Marathon Airlines.

“Marathon is expanding its businesses at a fast pace and we are very pleased to be part of this journey. Embraer offers the best-in-class support with the Pool Program, reducing costs while providing global reach. We will keep working every day with Marathon to maintain high performance and readiness for their fleet”, said Carlos Naufel, CEO and President, Embraer Services & Support.

Embraer provides support to airlines worldwide, with its technical expertise and its vast component services network. The results are significant savings in repair and inventory carrying costs and a reduction in warehousing space and resources required for repair management, while ultimately providing guaranteed performance levels. Embraer Services & Support’s portfolio offers a wide range of competitive solutions designed for each customer to support the growing fleet of Embraer aircraft worldwide and deliver the best after-sales experience in the global aerospace industry.