In 2018, the Greek airline Ellinair will significantly expand its fleet, said Alexander Tsandekidi, the general director of the Greek tour operator Muzenidis Travel, who is an important customer for the carrier's flights to Greece, on Wednesday, February 28th.

Currently, Ellinair has only three aircraft (A319 and A320). However, in the near future their fleet will increase to 10 aircraft comprising three A319, five A320 and two B737-300.

The fleet’s 2018 schedule is for flights to eight Greek destinations. In addition, there will be flights from Moscow to Chania (at the western end of Crete). The airline's schedule will include connecting flights via Thessaloniki to Santorini and Mykonos.

According to observers, there is little spare airline capacity in the Greek tourism market. It is a logical and anticipated consequence that tour operators will work with their preferred airlines to secure their own transportation requirements. In the case of Muzenidis, an additional motivation was also the growing tourism interest in their native country. According to Alexander Tsandekidi, a 30% increase in demand is expected. It should be noted that the tour operator will not reserve all the seats on the Ellinair flights. Some of the tickets will be available for free sale to independent tourists. In addition, "Mouzenidis Travel" will continue to cooperate with other carriers. For example, tourists in Larnaca (Cyprus) will fly to Yamal (Northern Russia) via Tbilisi on Georgian Airways.