ELIT’AVIA and AURA AERO, French aircraft manufacturer and pioneer in low-carbon aviation, have signed a Letter of Intent at Paris Air Show for ERA, the electric-thrust Executive regional aircraft.

ELIT’AVIA, a Maltese based and world-class provider of private aviation solutions that includes aircraft management, charter, sales & acquisitions and technical services, today announced the order of an additional 8 aircraft, increasing the amount from its original LOI of 20 units, to 28.

“ELIT’AVIA has a strong commitment to sustainability and this additional order further enhances our ongoing initiatives that minimize the impact we have on the environment, such as our Green Jet Card that offers carbon neutrality for ELIT’AVIA charter flights, and the partnership we have with Azzera for our greenhouse gas accounting and carbon offsetting. Additionally, and to further support our growth as evidenced by our recent expansion into the US market with ELIT’AVIA Americas, we are very proud to be part of the solution to a more sustainable approach within private aviation through our partnership with AURA AERO” says Michel COULOMB, CEO and Accountable Manager, ELIT’AVIA International.

Since 2022 ELIT’AVIA and AURA AERO have been cooperating on developing with ERA the first zero carbon aircraft complying with the highest business aviation standards. ERA is a brand new eco-responsible aircraft. Concentrating many avionic, aerodynamic and propelling innovations, it is the solution to the decarbonization of regional aviation. It is an exceptionally versatile aircraft: capable of transporting 19 passengers or 1.9 tons of freight, it can also be configured for business aviation with an 8 or 9 pax configuration. With its pressurized cabin and offering an unrivalled level of passenger comfort on this type of aircraft, it has a range of up to 1,600 km and can land in the biggest international airports as well as on short, unprepared runways.

ERA, whose first entries into commercial service are planned before 2030, already boasts an orderbook of over 300 Aircraft under Letters of Intent. Whether it is for connecting islands or providing direct flights between regional towns, ERA is an economic solution for its users, in terms of both energy and maintenance costs. This aircraft already addresses the environmental challenges of the 21st century, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to thermal aircraft in the same category.

For Jérémy CAUSSADE, President and co-founder of AURA AERO: ”We are very proud to have been chosen by ELIT’AVIA to decarbonize their operations and bring a sustainable solution to executive transportation”. He adds: “At AURA AERO, we are convinced that electric is the future of regional aviation, and we are just at the beginning of this revolution!”.