Eirtech Aviation Services, headquartered in Shannon Airport, Co. Clare has extended its EASA Approved Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate (IE.145.074) to include its Composite Repair Centre at Unit 8-10 Pinebank, Queens Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Eirtech Aviation Services can now perform composites Repair at the Belfast Facility in accordance with capability listing MOE 1.9 and also issue an EASA Form 1 on-site.

Eirtech Aviation Services’ Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation offers Composites Repair on C6, C8 & C20 Rating Components including Slats, Flights, Spoiler, Aileron, Elevators, Wing to Body Fairings, Engine Fan Cowls, Thrust Reversers and Overhead Bins on the following Aircraft Types B737, B757, B767, B777, and A320 & A330 Series Aircraft.