ecube’s recently founded Americas base, located within Coolidge Municipal Airport, has welcomed more than ten aircraft since its launch and now sees first teardown project commence with inaugural U.S. disassembly customer Killick Aerospace.

Speaking after the commencement of the U.S. project ecube CCO Steven Taylor, said:

“A great deal of work and effort has been invested to have a facility and team in place in the US that offers the same quality EOL services experienced at our UK and Spanish operations. We are very grateful for our loyal customers who have supported us on this journey and continue to entrust us with their assets. Having first supported Killick with a 737-800 disassembly at our UK base in 2019, we are excited to work with the Killick team on our opening US disassembly.”

Killick Aerospace Technical Director, Robert McIntyre said:

“We are pleased to be working with ecube again in their new US operation.

Having previously worked with the ecube team at their facilities in the UK and Spain, we are confident that we will receive the same outstanding service and quality that we have come to expect.”

This project, an Airbus A319, is the start of what is forecasted to be a successful growth period at Coolidge as 2023 sees ecube targets a spike in teardowns across the calendar year.

Steven added:

“We are aiming to provide our customers a ‘1 aircraft – 3 locations’ optionality where the location is selected on the merits of the asset funding, tax/customs, lessee and slot availability requirements. We can see a rising demand across our network and especially in Coolidge. Having a facility in the U.S. has not only granted ecube access to a significant disassembly market previously unaddressed but also provided our customers access to the same service levels across all multiple regions.

“Our expectation is for Coolidge to be our second largest base by volume by 2024; second only to the UK.”