€500,000,000 1.750 per cent. Notes due 2023 (Series 1) (ISIN: XS1361115402)

€500,000,000 1.125 per cent. Notes due 2023 (Series 2) (ISIN: XS1505884723)

€500,000,000 0.875 per cent. Notes due 2025 (Series 3) (ISIN: XS2009152591)

(together, the "Notes")

in each case, issued by easyJet and guaranteed by easyJet Airline Company Limited
(and, following the Accession (as defined herein), easyJet FinCo B.V.)

issued under easyJet's £3,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme

This notice relates to the accession of an additional guarantor to the Notes, which otherwise remain unaffected.

This notice is in respect of the Notes which are constituted by the trust deed dated 7 January 2016 (the "2016 Trust Deed") or the trust deed dated 10 February 2017 (the "2017 Trust Deed" and, together with the 2016 Trust Deed, the "Trust Deeds" each a "Trust Deed"), as applicable, and, in each case made between, amongst others, easyJet and Citicorp Trustee Company Limited as trustee. All words and expressions defined in the relevant Trust Deed shall (save as otherwise provided herein or unless the context otherwise requires) have the same meanings herein.

easyJet FinCo B.V. (the "Additional Guarantor") has joined with easyJet Airline Company Limited in assuming the performance and observance of all of the covenants, duties and obligations expressed to be binding on the Guarantor (as defined in the Trust Deed) as an additional guarantor in respect of the Notes and the Trust Deeds with effect from 25 February 2021 (the "Accession").

To record the Accession, the relevant parties have entered into a supplemental trust deed dated 25 February 2021 in respect of the 2016 Trust Deed (the "2016 Supplemental Trust Deed") and a supplemental trust deed dated 25 February 2021 in respect of the 2017 Trust Deed (together with the 2016 Supplemental Trust Deed, the "Supplemental Trust Deeds"). By virtue of the Accession, the Additional Guarantor will automatically accede as additional guarantor to the agency agreement dated 10 February 2017 and the Additional Guarantor will also enter into a supplemental agency agreement to the agency agreement dated 7 January 2016 to effect its accession as additional guarantor to that agency agreement.

Copies of the Supplemental Trust Deeds are available for inspection during normal business hours at the registered office of easyJet or by request to Citicorp Trustee Company Limited at its specified office (for the time being at Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LB, United Kingdom).