In an article published on Seeking Alpha, AeroAnalysis performed a partial study on the possiblity of Russian airlines having a preference for Boeing or Airbus.

The outcome could be important to both jet makers as the new White House administration is likely to improve its relation with Russia, which could subsequently lead to changes in preference for either jet maker if any.

What can give a clue on any preference is by looking at the installed base and the orders:


Figure 1: Installed Base Boeing and Airbus (Source: AeroAnalysis)

What can be seen here is that Boeing has a lead on the wide body market, but is trailing significantly on the narrow body market. This is something I also observed on the Indian market and demonstrates the strength of the wide body product line-up for Boeing as well as the narrow body weakness.

Things change a bit when we look at the orders:


Figure 2: Orders Boeing and Airbus (Source: AeroAnalysis)

What can clearly be seen is that for the wide as well as the narrow body aircraft Boeing and Airbus are equally dividing the orders. Given how much strain there has been in the relation between Russia and the US this might be somewhat surprising.

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