Former Brussels Airlines CEO will continue to support the airline in the board

Brussels, July 1, 2024 – As of today, Dieter Vranckx will become the new chairperson of the board at SN Airholding, the holding company of Brussels Airlines. Vranckx will succeed Christina Foerster, who is leaving Lufthansa Group. Vranckx has a longstanding career in aviation and is also former CEO of Brussels Airlines. 

Dieter Vranckx, who was born in 1973 is a Belgian national. He has a commercial engineer diploma and MBA from the Solvay business school in Brussels and started his career in aviation in 1998 at Sabena as a Management Trainee. After several roles at Swiss and Lufthansa, Vranckx joined Brussels Airlines in 2018, first as Chief Financial Officer and later as Chief Executive Officer. In 2021, Vranckx became CEO of Swiss, also part of Lufthansa Group.

Four months ago, Lufthansa Group announced that Dieter Vranckx would be appointed to the Executive Board of Lufthansa Group. As from July 1, Vranckx will be responsible for Global Markets and Commercial Steering Hubs. Additionally to that role, he will also become the chairman of Brussels Airlines.

“Brussels Airlines has been an important part of my career, and I am happy to return as chairperson to the board of SN Airholding. It’s wonderful to see how far Brussels Airlines has come, and what an exciting future this airline has ahead.”
Dieter Vranckx, chairperson, SN Airholding

Brussels Airlines is 100% owned by the SN Airholding. The shares of SN Airholding are 100% owned by Lufthansa Group since 2016.