DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 14, 20233 - De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (De Havilland Canada) is pleased to announce an agreement with Falcon Aviation to provide two Quick Change (QC) freighter kits to support the airline’s operations by providing ultimate flexibility to support their Dash 8-400 fleet . The De Havilland cargo conversion solution enhances the overall value and extends the high revenue-generating capabilities of their Dash 8-400 aircraft and is a great addition that will support Falcon Aviation’s vision to be at the leading edge of the aviation industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

“The rugged, reliable design of the Dash 8-400 make the aircraft uniquely positioned to provide both luxury VIP passenger service and flexibility for cargo operations,” said Ryan DeBrusk, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for De Havilland Canada. “De Havilland Canada’s cargo conversion solutions, approved by Transport Canada and supported through our global support infrastructure, will be a great addition to Falcon Aviation’s business.” 

“These Cargo Conversion Solutions by De Havilland Canada for our Dash 8-400 fleet will help Falcon Aviation to add another vertical for revenue generation in the coming years, as the unfulfilled demand exists for these operations.” said Capt. Raman Oberoi COO of Falcon Aviation. 

De Havilland Canada announced the launch of the Quick Change (QC), cargo conversion solution for the Dash 8-400 aircraft in 2022. Known worldwide for its low cost of operation, exceptional performance and reliability in airline and special mission operations, the Dash 8-400 aircraft’s rugged design, coupled with De Havilland Canada’s QC solution, is well-designed to support a flexible passenger to cargo business operation. 

The QC solution is a revenue expansion model that offers flexibility to convert Dash 8-400 aircraft between all-passenger and all-cargo operations/configurations, combining two income stream opportunities within in their operations by expanding revenue base opportunities. The short time required to switch configurations allows for operators to adapt to market dynamics and installation of smoke detection systems in the cabin eliminate the need for attendants while in operation.