Dana Air (Nigeria) and ASKY (Togo) have signed an interlining agreement whereby the airlines can sell tickets for each other’s flights, and passengers can change from one flight on one airline to another flight on the other airline without having to collect their bags or check-in again. It is not a code sharing agreement. Dana Air and Asky Airlines will continue to use their own flight codes so that passengers will know with whom they are flying.

Jacky Hathiramani, Group MD of Dana Air, said this agreement is part of a strategic plan to modernize and expand their fleet and to open up new routes. “We have also had talks with some notable aircraft manufacturers” he said, adding he wants to satisfy customers who have been asking them to fly to smaller more remote parts of Nigeria.

Ahadu Simachew, CEO of ASKY said that this interlining agreement would be good for West Africa and especially for Nigeria. He commented, “Having survived for 10 years and still waxing stronger, Dana Air appears to be the most experienced and well-managed airline in Nigeria, with a very strong, passionate and creative team. We