Dubai, U.A.E., 27 March 2019: Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd. announced that it has delivered an ATR 72-600 to Bangladesh-based US Bangla Airlines. The aircraft was handed over to the airline during a celebration at the ATR facility in Toulouse, France.

Firoz Tarapore, Chief Executive Officer of DAE commented: “We are delighted to welcome US Bangla as our newest customer, as we are delighted to include Bangladesh in our growing global footprint. Our delivery of US Bangla’s ATR once again demonstrates DAE’s ability to effectively address the changing fleet requirements of our customers and our ability to execute such agreements swiftly. We look forward to a strong relationship with US Bangla.”

Mohammed Abdullah Al Mamun, Managing Director of US-Bangla Airlines said: “We are very happy to accept the brand-new ATR72-600 from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd – one of the top lessors of the world. We are adding this aircraft to our fleet to meet the growing market demand in domestic sectors and to provide even better services. We hope that our relationship with DAE will further expand and strengthen as we continue to grow as an airline of formidable presence.”

This factory new ATR is the final aircraft of an order of 20 ATR 72-600 aircraft which DAE placed with the manufacturer in 2014.