Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group which provides aircraft maintenance services, has entered into four new Landing Gear Maintenance Agreements. CSAT has provided landing gear maintenance services for 17 years. Based on the new agreements, CSAT workers will service Boeing 737NG (New Generation) landing gear sets for Germania, a German carrier, Primera Air Nordic SIA, a Latvian carrier, and Air Madagascar as well as Boeing 737-400 classic generation landing gear sets for Atran, a Russian cargo carrier.

“I am pleased that we were able to enter into new agreements, securing general landing gear repair work for Czech Airlines Technics, with four important customers at once. Victory in all tenders proves that, long-term, our workers have provided quality work which emphasises adherence to high safety standards and deadlines as well as a flexible approach to customers,” Pavel Haleš, Chairman of the Czech Airlines Technics Board of Directors, said.

The first, two-year exclusive agreement with Germania, a German air carrier, guarantees CSAT maintenance jobs of landing gear sets and lease of spare Boeing 737NG landing gear sets as well as performance of 10 complex general landing gear set repairs. CSAT will also install spare landing gear sets on aircraft to be used for the duration of the general repairs. Alongside landing gear set maintenance, the agreement guarantees co-ordination of dates with base maintenance, provided by CSAT. CSAT’s advantage is the ability to provide several services at once, thus significantly lowering the maintenance costs for all its clients, including Germania.

“Last year, we made huge investments in spare landing gear sets. As a result, we can offer our clients, alongside repair and maintenance of their landing gear sets, the option of leasing our spare sets. Their aircraft can thus return to regular operation during the general repair performance,” Haleš added.
Based on the second new agreement, CSAT will be performing landing gear maintenance and leasing spare Boeing 737NG landing gear sets for Primera Air Nordic SIA, a Latvian air carrier, until 2022. Pursuant to the third agreement, CSAT workers will perform a landing gear general repair and lease the same type of spare landing gear set to Air Madagascar. To perform the repair, the landing gear set was removed from the aircraft and air transported from Cairo via Germany to Prague.

The fourth new contractual customer is a Russian cargo carrier Atran, a part of the Volga-Dnepr Group. The first Boeing 737-400 of the Classic Generation landing gear general repair and lease of a spare landing gear set for the customer were performed last year based on an agreement with Air Bridge Cargo.

Czech Airlines Technics is able to perform landing gear set maintenance on three production lines simultaneously with a yearly