Danish aviation company, Global Reach Aviation is adding a new aircraft to the fleet. From the end of July, it will be possible to book a CRJ-900 with 86 seats. The new Global Reach Aviation-aircraft with registration OY-MIT, will, as the other two CRJ, belong to the Copenhagen AirTaxi® A/S AOC. #aircraft

“In the two, other CRJ we have room for 48 passengers. Based on increased demand, we are approaching the 90-seat market,” explains CEO, Jacob Rasmussen. “OY-MIT’s advantage is that we have room for more passengers and their luggage as well as better performance in and out of challenging airports.”

OY-MIT is a former Lufthansa-aircraft and has previously flown Lufthansa Cityline.

Advantages with OY-MIT
•86 seats
•Large cargo with space for extra-long items
•Even better possibility for VIP-catering with two galleys/kitchens
•Low-noise jet-aircraft for increased comfort
•Better performance to and from airports with challenging locations such as Faroe Islands
•Long reach without fuel-stop

Contact Sales for inquiries and bookings.