-Eight-year contract signed at MRO Middle East

At MRO Middle East, MIAT Mongolian Airlines signed a long-term 
contract with Lufthansa Technik regarding the component support for 
its Boeing 787 fleet. The airline will be provided with Total 
Component Support (TCS) and gain access to Lufthansa Technik's 
worldwide parts pool that will enable the Ulaanbaatar-based airline 
to significantly increase the availability of spare parts for its 
Dreamliner fleet.

"Based on our mission to connect the world with reliable, highest 
quality, warmest, and efficient air services, we look forward to 
working with Lufthansa Technik and benefiting from their extensive 
experience and proven Total Component Support for the material supply
of our 787 fleet," said Batmunkh.S, Technical Director at MIAT 
Mongolian Airlines.

"We are very pleased that MIAT Mongolian Airlines has chosen us to 
supply components for their Dreamliner fleet. With access to our 
global network of material and parts pools, we will provide the best 
possible support to our valued customer and look forward to our 
collaboration in the years to come," added Andreas van de Kuil, Vice 
President Sales Central Europe & CIS at Lufthansa Technik. 

Lufthansa Technik operates one of the largest aircraft component 
pools in the world in 15 global component stocks on three continents.
Sophisticated and flexible transport solutions provided by the global
logistics provider Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS) ensure 
that every required component reaches the customer's aircraft in the 
shortest possible time. Moreover, Lufthansa Technik employs a 
dedicated AOG (Aircraft On Ground) support team that is available 
24/7 in order to provide assistance to its customers.