A high-performance software engineering organization for Lufthansa 

Based on their long-standing cooperation, CleverPine AD, a leading 
provider for software engineering services based in Sofia, Bulgaria, 
and Lufthansa Technik AG, the world's leading MRO provider, have 
founded the joint venture "ViTech" in Sofia, Bulgaria. ViTech will 
build up product-oriented software engineering and data science 
center to deliver high-quality software solutions solely for the 
digitalization needs of Lufthansa Technik's business segments. 
Starting immediately, ViTech will recruit 85 Software Engineers, all 
based in Sofia.

With the ambition to accelerate the digital transformation in the 
aviation industry and its initiative "Digitize the Core", Lufthansa 
Technik is expanding its partnership with CleverPine, making the 
majority-owned joint venture ViTech a dedicated tech hub for the 
development of digital solutions exclusively for Lufthansa Technik's 
business segments.

For the past 15 years, the MRO expert has already had a significant 
presence in Bulgaria through its subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Sofia. 
In addition, Sofia is home to leading universities and an emerging 
ecosystem of tech companies and was therefore chosen as the ideal 
location to launch ViTech, which is starting operations in October. 
ViTech is looking for passionate Software Engineers to join the team 
of the recently founded venture. The roles comprise Engineering 
Managers, Software Engineers, Scrum Masters, UX Designers, Data 
Scientists and Product Owners. 

All positions are published on https://vitech.io

Hristo Todorov, VP of Technology at CleverPine said: "Building on our
trusted partnership with Lufthansa Technik, we are excited to jointly
establish ViTech. Our future team will find this a great place to 
work and drive the digital transformation of the aviation industry." 
Dr. William Willms, Chief Financial Officer at Lufthansa Technik, 
commented: "CleverPine is the ideal partner for our new joint 
venture. It has a wealth of expertise in the development of software 
and digital services and possesses excellent local connections. I'm 
convinced that ViTech's developments will further drive the digital 
disruption of Lufthansa Technik's business segments at great speed."
Radoslav Gaydarski, CEO of ViTech, added: "Based on years of 
experience in running software product teams and organization, I am 
confident that ViTech will start adding value to Lufthansa Technik 
digitize the core initiative from its very beginning. Fulling our 
plans to rapidly onboard 85 software engineers, ViTech will become a 
major player in the local IT landscape and will benefit to the 
already booming IT ecosystem in Sofia."