SAINT-HUBERT, August 30, 2018 - Québec air charter company Chrono Aviation is unveiling a notable addition to its fleet at the Aéroport Montréal Saint-Hubert Longueuil (AMSL) this morning: its first Boeing 737-200. This plane, which can carry around 120 passengers or various combinations of passengers and cargo, is the world’s only Boeing that’s able to take off from and land on 5,000-foot unpaved strips. With this acquisition, Chrono Aviation becomes one of the few companies to offer an aircraft of that size for chartering. The 737 is the first jumbo jet to be officially based at the Saint-Hubert airport, which is also inaugurating a new landing strip this morning to accommodate this type of plane.

An exceptional plane that marks a watershed moment in Chrono Aviation’s history

“The addition of this first 737-200 to our fleet marks an important step in our company’s growth,” said Vincent Gagnon, President of Chrono Aviation. “After acquiring a Dash 8, a private jet and a King Air 350 in the last two years, we felt we were ready for this pivotal moment. Our company is ready to shift gears and join the big leagues of aviation. Until recently, Chrono could carry up to 37 passengers or 8,000 pounds of passengers and cargo with its Dash 8. The 737 will meet our customers’ increasing demand and enable us to carry up to 119 passengers or 30,500 pounds of cargo.” It will serve as a strategic asset for Chrono, allowing it to offer jumbo-jet transport to mining or construction companies that frequently travel to remote areas.

A second 737 to join the fleet in coming months

The plane is the first Boeing in a fleet set to expand rapidly—as a matter of fact, a second 737 200 is coming in November. Chrono is investing over $12 million into its two aircraft to completely refurbish them, paint them in the company’s trademark matte black and build entirely new interiors for them. Since the company was founded, Chrono’s distinctive matte black planes have stood out in the North American aviation industry. “Whether in Québec, Canada or the US, people notice our planes and talk about them,” said Dany Gagnon, Vice-President of Chrono Aviation. “As you can imagine, the 737, being three times the size of the Dash 8, is going to turn a lot of heads!” With a 737 to its name—and a second one coming soon—Chrono Aviation continues its meteoric rise to the pinnacle of Canada’s aviation industry, which it started nearly six years ago now.