In April, Chrono Aviation announced the addition of a Boeing 737-800. It has now been revealed what this aircraft will be used for, as the Quebec company will be the very first in Canada to offer the 737-800 SF. With this new addition, Chrono Aviation now has an aircraft exclusively dedicated to cargo, with service starting in January 2022. This also marks Chrono Aviation's first presence in Western Canada, with the new aircraft to be based in Winnipeg.

More Cargo, Further, Faster and Greener

The range of the new cargo aircraft is 2,000 nautical miles and can transport up to 52,000 pounds of cargo. Not only can the Boeing 737-800 SF carry more cargo further and faster, it is also more environmentally friendly, with 20% less emissions per tonne of cargo carried compared to previous generations of Boeing cargo aircraft.

"With this next-generation aircraft, we will be able to respond to a whole new market that is experiencing phenomenal growth. We are making our entrance into the international air cargo industry with the acquisition of this new Boeing cargo aircraft. It is with the continued objective for innovating and conquering new markets that Chrono Aviation, one of Quebec's largest air carriers, is once again setting itself apart by becoming the first in Canada to introduce a Boeing 737-800 SF," noted Vincent Gagnon, President of the Chrono Aviation Group.

He also added: "With this aircraft, we will be able to transport any cargo to about any destination, both in Canada and around the world. Adding the 800 SF was part of our growth strategy, but increased demand in the international market and from some of our current customers has advanced our long-term expectations."

A First Presence in Western Canada and the Creation of 20 New Jobs

The addition of this aircraft also means establishing Chrono Aviation in Western Canada for strategic reasons and to meet strong demand in the area. The aircraft, which will be based in Winnipeg, marks another milestone in the company's history. Along with the new aircraft, the company will be creating 20 new jobs.