SHANGHAI, China– China Eastern Airlines announced today an order for 25 GEnx-1B engines to power its Boeing 787 fleet at the 6th China International Import Expo. The order also includes a long-term TrueChoiceTM services agreement.

China Eastern Airlines has been a GEnx customer since 2018 when it first purchased 15 GEnx-powered Boeing 787 aircraft, plus the TrueChoiceTM services agreement. Since 2018, the GEnx engine has played an important role in the airline’s fleet, with excellent performance, high reliability, and outstanding fuel efficiency. 

The order highlights the joint commitment of China Eastern Airlines and GE Aerospace to provide world-class aviation services and drive a strong and more sustainable future for China’s aviation industry.

Guowei Cheng, Deputy General Manager of China Eastern Airlines, said, "China Eastern Airlines and GE Aerospace are always in good cooperative relationship. At the 6th CIIE, China Eastern Airlines will purchase a new batch of GEnx engines and related services, which will support the operation and development of China Eastern Airlines' fleet. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with GE Aerospace for mutual benefits, serving consumers with new aviation technologies and products, and promoting sustainable development.”

Weiming Xiang, Vice President of GE, and President of GE Aerospace Greater China, said: "China Eastern Airline first ordered our GEnx engines at the inaugural CIIE in 2018. We are grateful that China Eastern Airlines has selected the GEnx-1B engine again this year. This agreement fully demonstrates the airline’s trust in our products and services. We will continue to work closely with them to support the operation of their GEnx-powered Boeing 787 fleet, underpinned by excellent fuel efficiency and leading innovative technology."

The GEnx engine family has more than 50 million flight hours since entry into service in 2011 and is the fastest-selling, high-thrust engine in GE history with nearly 3,000 engines in service and on backlog, including spares. At present, six out of seven airlines in China that fly Boeing 787 fleets have selected the GEnx engine. The engine powers more than 90% of Boeing 787 aircraft in China, amassing a total of more than 6.8 million flight hours.

The GEnx-1B powers two out of every three 787 aircraft in service. The engine also provides a 1.4% fuel burn savings for the typical 787 mission compared to its competition. The added fuel savings enables more than 2 million fewer pounds of CO2 per aircraft annually.

Representing a giant step forward in propulsion technology, GEnx uses lightweight durable materials and advanced design processes to reduce weight, improve performance, and lower maintenance, making it the best engine choice for long-haul flights.