Total Component Support for 777F
Customized serrvices for 15 years

Already in 2019 China Cargo Airlines has entrusted Lufthansa Technik
AG with the component support for their Boeing 747-400 freighter
aircraft.  As the new Boeing 777 freighters come into service,
Lufthansa Technik now has extended its component support so that
China Cargo Airlines can continuously provide smooth air cargo
services to more than 200 destinations around the world.

Under the 15-year contract, more than ten Boeing 777-200 freighters
are covered with fully customized and extensive component services.
Lufthansa Technik will support China Cargo Airlines's main base in
Shanghai with its component service offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong
and Hamburg to coordinate  customer support and ensure  24/7
worldwide AOG services at different locations which are vital for
flight operations. Maintenance, repair and overhaul services will be
performed at Lufthansa Technik's component centers in Hamburg,
Germany and Shenzhen, China.

During a signing ceremony in Shanghai, Mr. Liu Gang, Vice President
of China Cargo Airlines, highly commended Lufthansa Technik's service
performance level for their existing 747-400F fleet from past few
years: "Our long-term cooperation with Lufthansa Technik has started
already in 2000 and we have been great partners on the aviation
journey for more than two decades. By given fully customized
component service scope, we are very confident to continuously rely
on Lufthansa Technik in servicing our new 777-200 freighters. "

"This long-term agreement enhances Lufthansa Technik's position as a
key MRO provider on the Boeing 777 freighter components," said Dr.
Georg Fanta, Head of Commercial Aircraft Component Services,
Lufthansa Technik. "We also bring a breadth of engineering expertise
and extensive experience alongside with our global logistics network
to provide seamless support to our customers. "