On 10 April, Icelandair announced changes to its flight schedule until mid June 2019 due to the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. It is now expected that the suspension will last longer and Icelandair has therefore updated its flight schedule until 15 July.

To minimize the impact on its passengers, the Company entered into leasing agreements in April regarding three additional aircraft that will be in operation until the end of September. These are two 262-seat Boeing 767 and one 184-seat Boeing 757-200. In comparison, the Boeing 737 MAX have 160-178 seats.

With these changes, the total seating capacity during the period will decrease by less than 2%. The emphasis will be on minimizing the impact on the to and from markets.

The Company will start implementing these changes next week and Icelandair's service representatives will contact the passengers affected.

The financial impact of the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is uncertain as the amount of compensation from the aircraft producer is still under review.