Challenge Technic rounds off Challenge Group’s comprehensive aviation and air cargo logistics making it the ideal global provider.

“In-house line maintenance expertise was the only missing link when we began establishing Challenge Group as a comprehensive aviation and air cargo logistics conglomeration,” Yossi Shoukroun, Chief Executive Officer of Challenge Group, says. “Rather than establish our own subsidiary from scratch, we opted to acquire an established, quality service provider and found a perfect match in JETMX last year.”

Challenge Group acquired the Icelandic, independent EASA 145 / BCAA third-party line maintenance service provider, JETMX, on 01 September 2021, taking on all JETMX staff at the company’s five line-stations in Liege/Belgium, Hannover, Cologne, and Leipzig in Germany, and Sal/Cape Verde. JETMX was renamed Challenge Technic at the end of last year, in line with the Group’s rebranding, and is currently transitioning its online presence. Challenge Technic’s headquarters and operational management are located in Iceland. “We do not envisage a line station in Iceland, as the line maintenance market there is already saturated,” Yossi Shoukroun, explains. “However, we grew our maintenance presence in our main hub in Liege by 20 staff, in order to be able to handle the Challenge Group fleets alongside the 25 passenger and cargo airline customers that we already serve across all five stations. We are also in the process of sourcing further locations to establish more line stations in the coming months.”

Challenge Technic currently employs around 60 certified technicians and roughly 25 mechanics and stores staff at its five locations. Fully EASA 145, BCAA, UKCAA, and TCCA certified, they carry out a broad pallet of line maintenance services for all B737 types through to B747, B757, B767, and B777 variants, and A318/319/320/321 versions. These include transit checks, ETOPS pre-flight checks, borescope inspections, daily & weekly checks, and A-Checks. Other services include engine washing, engine changing, cabin defect rectification and other troubleshooting measures. 24/7/365 AOG support is available, as are flying spanner services.