FARNBOROUGH, England — 17 July 2018 — CFM International and Aviation Capital Group LLC (ACG) today announced an order for LEAP-1B engines to power 20 additional Boeing 737 MAX aircraft just announced. CFM values the order at U.S. $528 million at list price.

“We are pleased by what we have seen of the LEAP-1B-powered 737 MAX in commercial service,” said Khanh T. Tran, CEO of ACG. “Our customers like this airplane and it is proving to be a very good investment for ACG.”

The LEAP engine family continues to perform exceptionally well in commercial service. There are 61 airlines currently operating more than 385 aircraft powered by LEAP engines on five continents. Overall, the fleet has logged more than 700,000 flight cycles and 1.5 million engine flight hours while maintaining CFM’s industry-leading reliability and the highest utilization rate in this thrust class. The engine is delivering a 15 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, with an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions; and lower noise and NOx emissions.