Roswell, NM. March 13, 2020 -- This week CAVU Aerospace (FAA #77CR559D) announced that they have increased capacity for short term and long-term storage, maintenance and dismantling at their Roswell, NM. (KROW), Victorville, CA. (KVCV) and Stuttgart, AR (KSGT) facilities. With the Global Health Crisis, the Aviation industry is seeing there will be a rapid increase for support of aircraft storage and maintenance. CAVU Aerospace continues to provide quality expert fixed base and mobile dismantling services. The combined world class services and available locations make CAVU Aerospace a premier partner amidst these times.

“We have to be efficient and effective as an industry in times like this. It is important to find creative ways to work together with our airline and lessor customer base to weather this storm, which is why we are increasing capacity in all of our CAVU locations. Our teams both stationary and mobile are ready to respond when the call comes.” said Ken Kocialski, Partner CAVU Aerospace.

CAVU Aerospace works with all lessors, airlines and suppliers and is ready to respond to new requirements given the forecast for parked aircraft.