Certified Aviation Services, (CAS), is proud to announce it has been awarded the Maintenance Approval Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP AMO 483-F). The scope of this certificate covers work for CAS’ LAX line maintenance station and its AOG Go-Team division.

The CAAP AMO requires its candidates to assemble a safety management system (SMS). After the completion of the SMS it must then be approved by the Philippine’s government. CAS completing and receiving approval of its SMS shows its commitment that safety and quality standards are always met.

The certification authorizes CAS to provide line maintenance support at its LAX station on all Philippine’s registered operators. It will also permit CAS’ AOG Go-Team division to release any aircraft in its operations specification that is a Philippine’s registered operator.

Mike Turpin, CAS’ President of Recovery, Repairs and Modifications, stated, “We are excited to be awarded the CAAP AMO. This certification gives CAS the opportunity to expand into this region to support its customers. We will be acquiring additional authorizations in other countries to continue our dedication of providing quality service globally.”