4K Invest, shareholder of Adria Airways, will recapitalize the company with 4 million euros. This is addition to already announced recapitalization of at least 10 million euros which is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

The owner of Adria Airways, 4K Invest, agreed an increase in additional capital, amounting to 4 million euros, to be used for further business development of the Slovenian airline.

The decision was adopted taking into the account the firm commitments and strong believes of the owner in the successful future of the Slovenian airline which is becoming one of the strongest regional air carriers, operating scheduled and ACMI services in Central and South East Europe.

“We work hard to position Adria Airways for stable business and further growth. We already achieved substantial development and we will continue to expand the potentials of this company and build it even stronger airline in the future,” said Holger Kowarsch, Managing Director of Adria Airways.