Air Serbia will be cancelling its Niš-Budapest flight after 27 October 2019, following a decision by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The decision was prompted by the scarce interest from the citizens of Serbia’s southern region for traveling to the Hungarian capital and in order to prevent this flight’s negative impact on the good results achieved by the other flights of public interest operated from Niš. Namely, despite only three months having passed from the start of operations in Niš and the disappointing results of the Budapest flight, the average load factor on all 12 routes has reached nearly 70 percent.

After consultations with representatives of local self-government and relevant state institutions, Serbian flag carrier has started to initiate activities in order to implement the decision and terminated all activities on this route, based on the agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Air Serbia, specifically Article 11. All passengers holding tickets for flights between Niš and Budapest after 27 October 2019 will receive a refund.

Since the start of scheduled operations from Niš, Air Serbia together with the competent institutions, has been closely monitoring the parameters of all flights of public interest operated from this city. The company has planned and is undertaking activities aimed toward improving operations from our second base airport Niš, acting in the interest of the citizens of this part of Serbia and of the Serbian national airline.