Cabo Verde Airlines, the national airline of Cape Verde announces a strategic partnership with TAAG Angola Airlines, the national airline of Angola, to enter into a codeshare agreement of flights operated by TAAG between Luanda and Sal.

Cabo Verde Airlines and TAAG Angola Airlines sign a codeshare agreement for flights between Luanda and Sal. The codeshare agreement will be signed officially on April 26th, the date of the inaugural flight between the two cities operated by TAAG-Angola Airlines.

This service is a partnership where an airline will carry passengers from another airline through shared code on a particular flight; in this case, passengers with tickets for a Cabo Verde Airlines flight between Luanda and Sal will be carried on a TAAG aircraft.

In this partnership, Cabo Verde Airlines will act as marketing carrier, meaning it will sell tickets with its own code even in flights operated by TAAG, which in this partnership will be the operating carrier.

The flights will be operated by a B737-700 with 120 seats according to the following schedule: Friday and Sunday LUANDA-SAL 22:50/+04:55 local time (via São Tomé e Príncipe) and Monday and Saturday SAL-LUANDA 6:25/16:20 local time (via São Tomé e Príncipe).

The codeshare flights will be available on the airline's website in the near future, according to this same agreement, Cabo Verde Airlines will operate flights between the two cities using its own aircraft.