Cabo Verde Airlines received last Friday, May 31st, the ‘Baía de Tarrafal’, the company’s second airplane with its new livery.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ landed at the Nelson Mandela airport in the city of Praia at 18h40 (local time)from Boston, US.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ colours were inspired by the houses on the island of Santiago, a call back to the very characteristic architecture of the capital. The new colours aim to be a gentle mix of the people, the houses and the Cape Verdean culture. Aside from the name on the outside of the airplane, inside the passengers will have a picture of the Baía as well as a description of the area.

All airplanes of the company will follow the same model of inspiration from every Island with the tricolour style. The colour palate inside and outside show that change comes from within, in the search to better serve the airline’s customers and to bring Cabo Verde to the world and the world to Cabo Verde.

A public poll to help name the airplane

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ was named through a public poll on Facebook, were the users voted between three natural beauties of the island of Santiago, with Baía de Tarrafal receiving the largest share of votes.

The first airplane with new livery, ‘Praia de Santa Maria’, received its name using the same process. With these open polls through social media, the company wants to bring the Cape Verdean people closer and involve them in the process of welcoming the new airplane to the country.

There will be other open votes on Facebook dedicated to all islands and their natural beauties. This way, the Cape Verdean people will assist in bringing a little bit of Cabo Verde to the world, while calling back to the Capeverdian pride in its islands and regions.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ will have 12 premium seats and 180 seats in the main cabin.

Cabo Verde Airlines today operates three 757-200 airplanes and plans to receive two more by the end of the year.