Sal, 17th March, 2020 – The unprecedented circumstances triggered by the further proliferation of Coronavirus, Covid-19, poses a threat not only to the aviation industry, and tourism, but in general to the economy and social connectivity.

As a result of the progressive spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19th pandemic in more than 150 countries, many countries have already imposed temporary travel bans requiring airlines to suspend their activities.

Consequently, Cabo Verde Airlines informs its customers that in view of this situation, and taking into account the action of the Government of Cabo Verde to close the country´s borders, Cabo Verde Airlines will suspend all its transport activities from 18-03-2020 and for a period of at least 30 days.

The Government of Cabo Verde banned flights to Italy at the end of February, leading the company to suspend flights to Rome and Milan. The Government decided, as of 18th March, to ban all air connections with Portugal and all European countries with Covid-19 cases, as well as for the United States of America, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria.

Recently, Cabo Verde Airlines had already suspended flights to Washington, D. C. (USA), Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Lagos (Nigeria), now canceling the routes to Boston (USA), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France), Dakar (Senegal), Fortaleza and Recife (Brazil).

Cabo Verde Airlines is registering a high number of requests for information from its customers and ensures that it is doing everything to respond to all passengers.

Cabo Verde Airlines regrets the inconvenience caused to all its passengers and wishes to assure all passengers and staff that the safety and security of all stakeholders will remain the main concern of the company.

The company continues to talk with the major shareholders and local authorities in order to assess if any special flights, humanitarian, repatriation or cargo, need to be maintained in order to ensure that the archipelago does not become isolated and that necessary goods, such as medicine can be supplied.