BANGOR, Maine – C&L continues to help operators alleviate their ADS-B concerns, most recently with a new distributorship with Garmin International. This partnership encompasses the full line of products, including ADS-B upgrades, communications, navigation equipment and full-glass cockpits for all regional and corporate aircraft types.

Garmin products add to the wide range of avionics currently offered to C&L customers and efficient solutions available for assisting with ADS-B upgrades.

“Expanding our offerings always means better and more timely service for our customers, which is our first priority,” said Al Kinnamon, C&L’s Avionics Sales Manager. “We are especially happy to offer products that will aid in ADS-B upgrades with minimal downtime. We are thrilled to be partners with Garmin International.”

C&L has already completed an ADS-B installation using Garmin products on a Hawker 800XP. Because the company’s headquarters in Maine was built using a one-stop-solution concept--with everything from parts to interiors and paint all in one central location--these upgrades take less time and involve less downtime for operators.

To schedule a service or to talk with sales manager about your ADS-B needs, please contact Ron Jennings, Regional Sales at 207-217-6120 for corporate aircraft inquiries and Calvin Tuitt, SVP of Business Development MRO at 207-217-6050 for regional aircraft inquiries.