BANGOR, Maine – C&L Aerospace, a C&L Aviation Group company, has purchased an ATR42-320 which is currently being disassembled, making parts available for sale or exchange around the globe. Parts from this aircraft (MSN 0284) will join the more than 132,000 other ATR line items in C&L’s warehouses, strategically located around the globe, where a unique cataloging process makes purchasing transparent and seamless for customers.

Notable highlights from this teardown include Propellers, Wheels, Brakes, ATR42 Flight Controls and Leading Edges. These items will be for lease, exchange, or sale shortly.

“C&L has been pushing hard and making large investments the ATR business for a few years now,” said Warrick Hood, Senior Vice President at C&L Aerospace. “We support operators all over the globe from radome to tailcone covering a wide portfolio of rotables, consumables, expendables, and insurables.

This is the 7th recent ATR purchase for teardown made by C&L who has also employed Warrick Hood to oversee the ATR program.