BANGOR, Maine – C&L Aerospace, a C&L Aviation Group Company, has signed an agreement with CSI, a HEICO company, to serve as a distributor for Saab 340 Pitot Static Tubes overhauled to like-new factory specs. This new offering will bring significant cost savings to Saab 340 operators. Restored pitot tubes are approximately half the cost of new units and come with the same 18-month warranty and reliable performance.

To overhaul the pitot tubes, CSI replaces all major components, disassembles the probe using a specially develop process, and installs newly fabricated parts before reassembling the probe. The resulting airworthy conditioned Pitot Tubes come with dual release 8130 tags.

“It continues to be very important to us to secure distributorships so that we can provide our operators with the most savings options for their aircraft maintenance requirements,” said Martin Cooper, Senior VP of Sales for C&L Aerospace.

In the last year, C&L has brought many new product lines to its customers with distributorship agreements with Garmin, Champion, Securaplane SLA Batteries, and others.